As an artist, I'm constantly translating the way I see life into art.


I was born and raised in a beautiful fishing town south of Boston. My South African mother's work allowed our family to travel for 3 months at a time while my sister and I home-schooled ourselves with material our teachers prepared. Our family always chose the 'road less traveled', which made for interesting stories and extraordinary journeys. It was a time of splendid adventure, one that established a pattern of living that I've continued as an adult.


 I can't separate my paintings from the inspiration of my travels. 

My painting, 'Dumello Ma' is a portrait of one of the women I met while travelling in Botswana. She was accepted as a finalist in the British National Portrait Gallery in London. 

      ​My painting career was already underway by the time I was accepted into the BFA program at Florida State University, graduating Summa Cum Laude. That's also where I got my start face & body painting with a professional children's entertainment company.


These days, I paint in my studio in Sarasota Fl, as well as travel for months at a time, painting on the go, a pattern established as a child.