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It took me until my sophomore year to declare my major as a Fine Artist. I hadn't intended on being a fine art major, nor had I considered any other major. Now that I think back, I truly had no major in mind. After realizing art was the only thing I would be happy doing, I declared. By Junior year, I was admitted to the Bachelors of Fine Art  program which allotted each student their own studio space in a massive warehouse, one on one support from 3 faculty members of my choosing, and an exhibition in the campus art gallery.


I spent so many hours with my contemporary art idealists in our warehouse. Every Friday was a gallery walk, open to the public. I learned how to build and prepare my own canvases, which saved me money when I made seven 4'x4' pieces for my final thesis show. 

College was a time of experimenting with mediums, learning color theory, taking figure drawing classes, printmaking, and wondering what my creative voice was. If you're wondering if I found out, I think I will always be pushing the boundaries beyond what I'm currently capable of. I am always learning new spiritual truths which I communicate in my paintings. Luckily, the journey is always represented by the paintings I leave along the way.

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