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I was called to Israel during my college years - I didn't know why, but I knew it was going to be my next step. I had been to Israel 3 or 4 times growing up, and knew it held a key to my early adult years. 

I was 22 with SO many questions. My questions led me to start studying at a Jerusalem seminary where I felt I could get my questions answered about God, purpose, and various existential woes of a college grad.

As my questions led to more questions, I spent my free time in a large light filled studio the seminary gave me. The seminary classes awakened so much for me, and I processed it all through art. I also taught art classes to my contemporaries during this time.

After about 2 and a half years, I left the seminary's campus life to the cobblestoned mountain top town of Mysticism called Tsfat. I lived with 4 friends, delighted in our 360 panorama view of rolling Mount Meron, sun sets &  rises, the picturesque mountain side gravesites of kabbalists and the purifying breeze no matter where you were standing. Nearly everyone in the town were either artists, gallery owners, healers, or kabbalists.

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