Envisioned by you, painted by me...

People often tell me that they aren't creative. That's how Your Vision Ketubah started. I fell in love with the synergy of my artistic experience combined with your intimate knowledge of your relationship. You are an integral part of the creative process. The art that springs from this synergy is wonderous.

A hand painted ketubah lasts the duration of the marriage & beyond. It will remind you of that open, joyous light which was brought down to the world during your chuppah.

Art has a way of penetrating the heart deeply to restore a sense of profound connection and humility.

       A  ketubah's worth a thousand words. It's not only a wedding document, it's a visual reminder of the your commitment to one another. It's a portal which jogs the memory during the ups and downs. It's a time capsule which takes your excitement from the engagement period into the future.

That reminds me. Here's a poem I wrote for you.

The cake gets eaten,
 the venue is yours for the day.
The dress is impressive, 
until you give it away.

But the ketubah shines
your love far into your lives,
like a lighthouse beacon 
never leading you astray.

A great painting can portray
the richness 
of your relationship 
you didn't know 
you could convey.

Art has a way of penetrating the heart deeply to restore a sense of profound connection and humility. My intentions for your shalom bayit (peace in the home) are in every paint stroke and every gold leaf embellishment of the ketubah. It brings couples enormous joy and pride to show family members & friends the unique beauty of their relationship, portrayed in a painting.


    Thank you!!!! We love the ketubah so so so much! It is so beautiful and we will

             cherish it forever! You did such an                            amazing job!   


                                             - Haya, Tel Aviv

Thank you for everything, this has been one of the most memorable parts of this wedding process by far! The ketubah is even better than we expected!

                                                                                                                 - Jenna, Chicago

        Nadja helped to make my dream a reality. 


        When I asked Nadja to use her artistic talents to

        create our Ketubah, I did not realize that she would

       truly be able to captivate the essence of our beautiful

       relationship in a piece of  art. 


      When I first saw the online version of the ketubah, I was honestly speechless. The use of                colors and the design was more than I could have ever imagined. 

       This was the first piece of artwork I had ever commissioned and it was everything I had                   wanted and then some! 


        Nadja is so extremely blessed with an artistic vision and desire to bring people joy through

            her creativity.

                                                                                                                               -Adina, Chicago

I cannot believe how my ketubah turned out. It is so beautiful. I specified so many details and she           accomplished them all! On our anniversary, my        husband surprised me by getting it custom framed. I can hardly stop looking at it.

                                                   -Anna, New York

Thank you so much for our ketubah, we love it!
                                        -Julie, New Jersey
Everyone loves my Ayshet Chayil painting. Every      Shabbos, I get compliments from our guests. It          takes my breath away every time I look at it. It's        so amazing. I'm so obsessed!
                                                                                                                             -Anabel, Chicago
When the ketubah was revealed, everyone gasped. It brought the moment to life in    an unexpected and magical way. The whole night, everyone was talking about it       and asking to see it. Then, they got their benchers and were delighted to see the           painting on the cover that they could take home. 
                                                                                     -Baila, Jerusalem
Thank you so much for creating our dream
Ketubah! It was beyond what we expected
and represented us in the most vibrant way!
We have it hanging it our new home and
everyone has told us how beautiful it is!
Thank you again for making this beautiful
masterpiece! We really appreciated the time and effort you took to make this for us!

The divine Willow   

The willow

birds of paradise

Eternal home

Luscious Abundance 


Scent of the sea;

            ani l'dodi

Ayshet chayil

cosmic majesty


Progress Shots

The Magic Tree

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