One day my professor looked me in the eyes and said, "The world is not waiting for the next Monet or Picasso; the world is waiting for the next Nadja."

National British Portrait Gallery, London
Most Recent Feature; Oct 2019


On The Mark : Inspiration though art. Finding creativity to express one’s gifts and talents.

      What drives one to paint or create? Learning how fear inhibits and blocks the creative process.  How confidence helps us find our inner voice of expression.  Letting our creative sides help us stop needing to be in control.

What Matters : Interview about art and society's relationship

Exhibitions & Feedback

May 2014           SOLO SHOW             

                   Exhibition in Jerusalem             

October 2014    'A PAINTER'S     


                   Exhibition in Jerusalem

                        Aish haTorah


April 2015      'SPIRIT OF ART'

                          SOLO SHOW 

                          Sarasota FL

May 2015       SOLO SHOW

                        Sarasota FL

"...Her work is ambitious, original, risk-taking, bold & inspiring and comes from a very real, universal place"

Devorah Shemtov

Art Curator

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 "Your technique is a wonderful blending of the dream-like and the real. Often I find that artists are either too dreamy or too technical... I think the trick is finding the balance in between. Something you have done very well."

Dustin Neece


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"Your work is fresh, exciting and very saleable..."

Harriet Sesen

Art Consultant to the Hospitality Industry

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Mind The Gap; Indie Feature Film 2018
  • ​Addy Awards​

  • Chabad of Wisconsin

  • ESPN Superbowl 2013

  • House Of Blues, New Orleans

  • Longboat Key Club & Resort

  • Trader Joe's

  • Rogers, Gunter, Vaughn Insurance Inc.

  • Sarasota Garment District

  • Mind the Gap Film

  • The Umbrella Project​​​ LLC

  • The Happy Apple Children's story

  • Aish HaTorah

  • OptiCall

  • Two Senoritas

  • St. Armand's Circle