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Portrait Academy for beginners

This year's holiday flex:
Hand drawn portraits for your loved ones

Board the portrait bus!

I'm really excited for you!


Time: 3 hours live + optional 10 minute videos for those who want to go further

Date: October 12 12PM -3PM EST

MaterialsNeed: Mechanical Pencil, 2B pencil (those regular yellow school pencils), unlined smooth Paper, access to a Printer      

                  Want: Candle, tea, eraser, sharpener

Who: Ages 14+

Stream: Zoom Link & recording

Worksheets: I'll send you everything you need well before the class to get the most of of this masterclass

Vibe: If Ms Frizzle and Mary Poppins came together to provide fun, educational, lighthearted workshop with dance breaks & best practices to let the inner critic work for you, not against you

Why I teach this

 If I had a dollar for everyone who told me, 'I can't even draw a stick figure, a circle, or a straight line'...I'd keep doing what I'm doing, educating people to be visually literate in order to liberate their unique soul expression.

Drop the stories of your current level of talent, and allow yourself to follow me step by step. If I can teach 3rd graders, I can teach you. You'll be able to replicate this technique on portraits of anyone you choose.  

Why learn the portrait from me? 

1. One of my superpowers is drawing and painting the portrait. I believe I've been mastering it for many lifetimes.

2. I use a balanced approach of technique AND soul. Basic technique is the container for the soul to express it's song. Imagine trying to speak if you didn't know any words

3. From my Bachelors of Fine Art, to countless workshops, and 3 years in a Classical Atelier, I've taken all my training and simmered it down so creatives don't need to learn the long and hard way. Some of the methods come from an oral tradition from artists like Michaelangelo and Leonardo DaVinci!

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