From Seed to Shining Tree Giclee

From Seed to Shining Tree Giclee


This is a beautiful story. We are planted in this dark place as seeds with no idea what to do. Something in us directs us to travel up to the light, even though we've never seen light as we were born and raised in darkness. At some point, we must lose our shell which is a painful and scary concept. It is the letting go of our ego that protected us in darkness but which we need no longer. Suddenly, we see light, experientially. That's when we start to grow into a tree, surrounded by sun light and strong in who we are, rooted and growing higher. 


Take this as you will.   

Option 2

    This is a signed, limited edition print.


    This print, also known as a giclee is available on fine art paper or on mounted canvas. Both are quality and exhibit the rich brush strokes of the original. It is simply a matter of preference, whether you want to see the painting on paper or on canvas (The painting was originally painted on canvas so it would have a similar feel).


    Paper: 100% cotton hot press rag of 310g. It is white art paper with a smooth, matte surface. The paper survace conveys a sense of timelessness and quality


    Canvas: 19-mil, poly/cotton blend canvas for fine-art reproductions. It is water-resistant and highly resistant to cracking. The satin finish and textured weave enhance the aesthetic of fine art prints. It comes mounted on board, except at the large size which is shipped in a roll.


    After you receive the giclee

    Typically, prints on paper are matted and framed behind glass. Canvas prints aren't displayed behind glass.


    Matting and framing both paper and canvas prints with a simple wood or gold frame is recommended to enhance the painting. How you choose to exhibit your print is entirely up to you!



    small: 10" x 10"

    medium: 14" x 14" 

    large: 26" x 26" 


    ***please note. Large canvas orders to Israel cannot be mounted and will instead be sent rolled like the large paper orders. This is because shipping such large, flat prints jacks up the price for everyone. You will be able to take the canvas print and have it mounted or stretched in your city. 


    Custom Pricing is available, just use the contact form and ask for a specific size/whether you'd like it framed or stretched and I will give you the pricing.