Rav Sholom
  • Rav Sholom

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    I felt moved to paint Rabbi Brodt after he passed away. Interestingly, I didn't paint him while he was alive. When I sent this picture to Judy, Sholom's wife, I waited for her reaction to know that it was finished. In her message, she wrote, "Was he telling a joke? Was he excited about a piece of gevaltic Torah? Was he so happy to see his student???"


    I had a stronger connection with Judy but always considered them one unit. They showed me what a beautiful compansionship built on friendship, respect and shared values looked like. I would go help in the kitchen or sit at the table with Judy discussing something. When Sholom came in, she always directed her attention to him with, "Hi, Tatty" or something like that. They were really in step.


    It was always kind of exciting to see Sholom outside his third meal role as wizard/mashpiah/grandfather/father to the community. I interacted with Sholom more as Judy's friend, always a little intimidated by him. Painting him these weeks has strengthened my relationship with him and I feel much closer to him.


    The painting kept evolving through many of his expressions and emotions. I always wanted it to be a comforting and loving painting to help comfort his friends and family that his spirit is still alive. I incorporated some fresh flowers which Judy always delighted in.


    Here are some quotes from family and friends about the painting.


    "This is absolutely amazing; I feel his presence so well and strongly in and thru this very skilled and deeply resonant and elegant master work. Thank you so much for sharing this and the stories of Judy and R. Sholom which accompany it."


    "a masterpiece - this painting is alive, full of neshama"


    "WOW!!! Love this SO much! Thank you for your devotion and talent!"


    "It does make me think of him telling a good joke😄"


    "You've really captured our colorful and vibrant Rav Sholom! This is stunning work!"


    "A million moments in one...captured perfectly!!❤"


    "You captured so much of him. There is such life in this painting. It feels as though he is talking to me. Thank you!"


    "wow.. you got that light in his eyes... thanks.....and that smile..."


    "This is amazingly beautiful!! You channeled something holy and captured his spirit. It is as though he were alive looking at this. What a tribute and beautiful gift for Judy. Thank you"


    "Just wow. Feels like he's about to step right through! Can't wait to see this, live..."


    "Beautiful beautiful beautiful!! I didn't even know him but I can feel him through this painting. Wonderful job!!"



    Option 2

      This is a signed, limited edition print, priced low to be accessible to family and friends of a beloved man. The sale price will only be available until Oct.8th because I will be putting in a bulk order with my printer. 


      This print, also known as a giclee is available on fine art paper or on mounted canvas. Both are quality and exhibit the rich brush strokes of the original. It is simply a matter of preference, whether you want to see the painting on paper or on canvas (The painting was originally painted on canvas so it would have a similar feel).


      Paper: 100% cotton hot press rag of 310g. It is white art paper with a smooth, matte surface. The paper survace conveys a sense of timelessness and quality


      Canvas: 19-mil, poly/cotton blend canvas for fine-art reproductions. It is water-resistant and highly resistant to cracking. The satin finish and textured weave enhance the aesthetic of fine art prints. It comes mounted on board, except at the large size which is shipped in a roll.


      After you receive the giclee

      Typically, prints on paper are matted and framed behind glass. Canvas prints aren't displayed behind glass.


      Matting and framing both paper and canvas prints with a simple wood or gold frame is recommended to enhance the painting. How you choose to exhibit your print is entirely up to you!



      small: 7.5" x 10"

      medium: 12" x 16" (Same size as the painting)

      large: 24" x 32" 

      ***please note. Large canvas orders to Israel cannot be mounted and will instead be sent rolled like the large paper orders. This is because shipping such large, flat prints jacks up the price for everyone. You will be able to take the canvas print and have it mounted or stretched in your city. 


      If you are in Israel, you already know how expensive it is to send products to Israel. I made shipping as low as possible. I will send all prints to one easy-to-access location in Jerusalem (Betzalel street) and you will need to arrange pickup. 


      If there are people willing to take prints to other cities, please contact me to let me know.