Self portrait from kindergarten to now


During the course of this painting, she shared so many things with me. She told me things she's done well, and some things which made her feel shame. She told me some stories that at the time hurt her feelings, but now she could laugh as she told them. Like the time a girl on the bus told her she had a mustache, and the time her teacher told her the only person who would buy her paintings would be her grandma. She shared how the boy she had a crush on from third to fifth grade asked out her friend sitting next to her, and she ran from the cafeteria to her homeroom to cry. She shared so many gems she's picked up along the way. She told me about some guilt and sadness with certain relationships, but she said she's going to keep forgiving them and herself. Mostly, she's optimistic about who she is intrinsically. I couldn't help but notice how brave and hopeful she is in spite of everything. I thanked her for sharing and she thanked me for listening.