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During my time in the Jerusalem seminary, I met my family in South Africa for 3 months, and created some of my favorite paintings! Between the dynamic cultural rhythm, the thriving vegetation, the jaw dropping animal life, and the heaven made scenery, my work was infused with pure magic. 

As soon as I arrived, I bought a piece of wood (approx 32"x 36"), some mineral spirits, and staples for the staple gun I brought. I also brought unstretched canvas, brushes and a large ziplock bag full of oil paint. I would stretch, prime and paint, unstaple and repeat, using the same piece of wood each time. I felt incredible freedom with this method, as I was able to paint on the go through Cape Town, multiple game parks, Botswana, and Zimbabwe, a truly magical exploration of some of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen.  

'Elephant Meditation', one of my favorite paintings from this time, is of 3 elephants we encountered late at night in the wild. My mom and I were enjoying a bonfire under the stars when these majestic beings showed up. All 5 of us sat in silence and stillness for 2 hours by the light of our bonfire. My other favorite, The Botswanian Woman, the first one listed below, made it to the semi finals of the British National Portrait Gallery annual show in London.


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