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Oracle of Art

In my world, a painting is a birth of masculine and feminine components 

SOUL: Connect to your inner landscape to get to know yourself

SKILL: Learn the rules of the visual language to break them however you want


To make the poetry of life tangible,
Open your painting channel,
Quiet the external noise
and learn the language your soul came here to sing

Crystal Salt
Oracle of Art

You feel the power of Creativity within you, and want to build your capacity to harness it. 

You know there's magic woven into the universe of you, and you're an explorer who craves to brave the seas to see what's there, to feel it and immerse in it.


You want to turn emotions into something wonderfully useable; Alchemy.

So that the process of art is 'cathARTic';

 like deep relief 

Concrete Wall

grow new skills within youto paint whatever you desireprompts and workshops will help you access your Soul's Song

The Inner Artist has intrinsic wisdom, we just get to tune out the noice and listen to her sound 

'Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I'll meet you there.'   -Rumi

A bit of history...

Fear lives at the edge of what we know. Art asks us to go beyond what we currently know. That is where the mystics go - they follow the heart into the unknown to dance with the pulse of life beyond logic. We mystical artists practice channeling creative power through our hearts and hands to be front row for the birth of new life. 

I'm a classically trained Artist, as well as Mystical Coach & Creative Doulah. My painting lessons are interwoven with life lessons because I believe that the process of art is a life transformative tool. 

I never liked the word 'art' until I defined it as: 'Aligning Radically to Truth'; the gnarly, the real, the soft, the raw... whatever wants to be born through you. Frida Khalo painted what was real. She faced her life honestly through painting. I'm here to support you to process life visually beyond words.

I created the ORACLE OF ART SCHOOL to share the 3 pillars that support me:

Skills, Soul, and Sales*
to create the art of your heart.
*not everyone wants to sell their art-I didn't for years

 Bring your blocks, fear, guilt, shame, and resistance, all of it! It is fuel for your inner artist; the greatest alchemist in the world! The inner artist is primed and ready to USE that fuel . The alchemy process becomes your unique flavor / texture / voice / body of work /liberation! 

I'm committed to helping you to stay in your lane. You already have a voice, I'm here to remind you to use it (even if you have to break the rules in the process)


Art is more than expression, it is the plug connecting Human with Divine


I've spent 24+ years seeking the who, what, where, when, why of My Art to inspire greater capacity for creativity, to sharpen tools, and to be able to describe and translate life through painted poetry. In many ways I feel I'm only just getting started.
I feel it's underratedly important to choose the right teacher for painting. I had teachers who planted seeds of inadequacy and self doubt which sprouted weeds of inadequacy and dependency for years following. I recommend you choose a painting teacher who sees you as God and doesn't feel threatened by your innate genius, instead supports you in weeding everything in the mind that doubts that.
A picture paints a thousand words. What you have to say comes from deep listening to the moment and moving step by step by step. I always say a painting paints itself when you know how to think like an artist.
What energy in YOU wants to be expressed/transmitted/translated? It is a frequency before it's a subject matter. Imagine someone finding your work in the future, each painting an oracle card, illuminating alchemized nuggets of your life. It's fine if you don't know what I'm saying - if you have no idea what's coming through you when you know what you're doing. It's pure manifestation!


You are the perfect person to help me activate my power, I've been looking for so long. Thank you for your tremendous support

Penina the Pearl

You're asking the most powerful questions and demanding the most potent medicine and truth


Nadi, your painting is a living breathing glorious testament to your gifts and connection to our planet and beauty and grace and sensuality. What a gift you allow to come through you.

This is not just about techniques, it is about Soul Esteem.

We are waking up one painting at a time. For example, in order to alchemize my insecurity I created a painting called, "Will you still love me if I looked like this?" I may encourage you to paint something that makes you feel raw and pathetic. We feel it to heal it! What better way than the greatest alchemist of all; the inner artist.

I have synthesized my training from countless international artists & art schools over 20 years to give you the skills you need to be able to channel your soul NO MATTER YOUR CURRENT SKILL LEVEL. Often I see people with zero training have more innate ease in expression than those burdened by training. In this membership, I will equip you with just the right amount of skills, inspiration, and support to help you thrive in your artist archetype.

Here’s what you can expect as a member:

Access to exclusive library of workshops and tutorials for all levels.

Monthly challenges/prompts to spark your creativity and watch your life shift around you.

A community of women supporting one another's creative expression.

Weekly live trainings on

skills and soul. 

Monthly Q&A:

One of my favorite things is to highlight the unique way I see Creativity wanting to flow within a person, and the energetic life blocks they are struggling with. 

Personalized feedback

My painting of my inner artist


My poem of the inner artist

I fenced the inner critic so many times

we become one

A pair

An old married couple who can read each other’s thoughts.

We had some tough years there, when we were raising the inner child

Well, she was raising us

I wanted her to be free

The critic wanted her to be 



My fencing arm turned to conducting

Sometimes orchestras

Sometimes lightning

What I found was

The inner child didn’t need our help

She had classical training in her muscle memory

And irreverence in her blood

Her intelligence as infinite

as the Fountain of youth she sprang from

I love her so much

I started letting her lead

She teaches my classes for me

She paints my paintings better than I ever could

She brings me and the inner critic

Such pride to

Call her our daughter

WhatsApp Image 2023-09-13 at 7.53.30 PM-2.jpeg

A testimonial about

Art changes the way we see things as humanity - this world sees art as insignificant, but it's the most significant thing you can do to use the power of perception for good. Have you ever seen an exquisite flower when you were depressed? Did it nourish your soul as only beauty can? Have you smelled a mother's cooking when you're homesick? Art is a vehicle for love to travel to
the corners of the mind and world.

And do not think you'll arrive - every painting is an arrival and departure for something new. When you tap into your fountain of youth, there is no stopping the endless wisdom that wants to give life.

I'm beyond grateful to have you here, and cannot WAIT to see what births through you & sets you free.


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