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How would you create if you had no limits?

If your brush / pencil was a wand and you could make whatever you want?

If there was no way to mess up?

If others only cheered you on?

If you could feel amazing while you create your art?

I'm inviting 10 teens on a journey to transform their relationship with themselves and their art

Thank you!

I'll reach out within 12 hours with the next steps!

Screenshot 2023-10-13 at 10.43.15 AM.png

Painting by Thomas Blackshear

Who I am: Painter/ Artist / Teacher / Mystic / Alchemist / Visionary

What is this class for: 10 teens of all skill levels to uplevel their art expression technically and building inner confidence


First month requires just pencil and paper and then we'll introduce paint.


Yes But highly recommend being in person live

Cost: $200 per month, 4 classes & home exercises

What: My method is a balance of technical skills & empowering intrinsic soul esteem

Adults: Add your name if you're not a teen and also would like a class to liberate your visual expression


Based on demand, I will also create a class for adults!

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